How Do I Know If I Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Lantana?

When you are addicted to any substance there are often negative emotions that can spur mental illnesses along with your physical dependency. Whether you are aware of it or not, our specialists at Anchor Bay Recovery can offer dual diagnosis treatment in Lantana. Regardless if your mental illness spurred your physical dependence or it was the other way around, we can easily assist you in any predicament.

Our dual diagnosis treatment offers recovery for substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and much more. It is true that over 60% of individuals with an addiction have a mental health condition. An easy way to find out if you need dual diagnosis treatment includes the following symptoms.

  • If you use drugs or alcohol in response to daily stress or difficult times in your life. This is a sure sign that drugs or alcohol is used as a coping mechanism for mental illnesses concerning depression.
  • If you have had a past with mental illness or it runs in your family. Mental illnesses need expert treatment to go away. Simply ignoring your diagnosis will not make the illness go away, it will just be hidden.
  • If you have negative withdrawal symptoms that make you have suicidal thoughts, angry behavior, or violent rages you may be dealing with anxiety. Because drugs can create a false sense of security, it can be overwhelming when you stop cold turkey.
  • If drugs allow you to feel like yourself, you could be masking the way you really feel with stimulants. If you use drugs to escape your daily struggles you will need help finding your happiness without substances.

If you are interested in learning more about dual diagnosis treatment in Lantana, contact our office at (800) 249-1932. One of our addiction specialists will be able to talk to you about your options moving forward!

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