Where Can I Receive Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Lantana?

The course to alcohol addiction is a slippery slope that many can get caught on without even noticing. However, if you or a loved one needs alcohol addiction treatment in Lantana, we can help you receive the treatment you need. If you are unsure if you or a loved one has acquired a dependency on alcohol pay attention to you or your loved one’s actions when they are drinking and when they are not drinking.

What Are the Common Signs of Alcoholism?

While drinking, if there are constant black outs or short term memory loss during every outing, this is a sign of alcoholism. If you find yourself or your loved one drinking in privacy. If drinking has caused a rift between family and friends and has even caused issues in friendships and trust, these are the most common signs to look for.

While not drinking, if you or your loved one’s hands are shaking. Or if there are symptoms of feeling hungover when alcohol is not in their systems. Many people also make excuses to drink such as wanting to relax, deal with stress, or celebrate.

How Can Anchor Bay Help Me or My Loved One?

At Anchor Bay, we offer a holistic approach for those who are dealing with alcohol addiction in Lantana. We know many turn to the bottle when they face discomfort in their lives. However, many don’t have healthy habits that allow them to release stress. We feature activities that offer our clients a healthy alternative.

If you are interested in learning more about our holistic, adventure based, and experimental therapies, don’t hesitate to contact our recovery specialists today. You can reach our specialists at (800) 249-1932 for free and confidential advice for your life moving forward.

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